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Pilates is a mind and body exercise program that will enhance your strength and mobility at the same time. In Pilates we use the connection between movement and breathing to help with the exercises and improve your health and wellbeing.

Anyone can do Pilates and I offer several options for beginners to get into Pilates. Whether you are already exercising or have been referred from a GP or Physio I can help you improve your health and fitness through Pilates classes either in Chichester or online.

Join a Pilates class near you

Join a Pilates class in Chichester or Havant

Join my local Pilates classes from Chichester and Havant

My Pilates classes focus on core Pilates principles. Pilates builds functional strength, this means building strength throughout your body without compromising flexibility, and therefore good alignment and posture.

Classes for all levels and abilities. A hands-on approach, with the technique of each movement the key focus allowing you to really understand how to move correctly. Pilates class numbers are kept small so that you receive individual attention and make the greatest gains in your strength and flexibility. If you would like to talk about your requirements for personal one to one or two to one Pilates in the comfort of your home please contact me.

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Try my Beginners Pilates online course

21 days Pilates for beginners

My 3 week beginners Pilates course is aimed at those new to Pilates or who have had a break and want a refresh on the basics. Suitable for the home environment this Pilates course needs no equipment. Over 3 weeks you will receive access to my beginners Pilates course via my website platform.

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Live Beginners Pilates

Beginners Pilates online

If the times or locations of my classes do not suit you needs, why not join me online weekly via Zoom and Facebook for online Pilates classes.

Pilates classes online are great for those with time constraints or difficult working hours. Simply sign up to my live or on demand Pilates packages and workout with me when it suits you, or join a live class.

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