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Guiding you on your nutritional adventure

Beyond the Studio Pilates has teamed up with Fraser Warburton to offer nutritional advice and packages for everybody.

A word from Fraser;

” Hi! Fraser Warburton and I am 25 years old. I recently graduated from the University of Central Lancashire where I gained my degree in Sports Nutrition and Personal Training. Sport has always been a huge part of my life and I have enjoyed playing tennis since I was a child right the way through until University when I was the vice-captain of the Men’s 1st team for my university. Sports performance and healthy eating are intrinsically linked, and I have always had a passion for how food can improve my performance, this is something I now feel fortunate to be able to share as I start my career as a nutritional scientist.

I find it extremely rewarding to be able to help and guide people down the correct nutritional path, it can feel like a bit of a minefield out there working out calorie intake and looking for the traffic light system. Modern life has enough challenges without food being one of them, that is where I come in!

Over the years I have worked with personal trainers and received dietary advice myself along with my education in nutrition and personal training I want to help you make healthy choices, food fun and work for your body no matter what your goals.

My approach is to enable you to make the right choices through knowledge and understanding of food and how the process of cooking changes the nutritional content of what we eat. This means, together, we can maximise your diet to suit your needs.”

Inspiring you to make healthy eating choices through fun and rewarding nutritional plans

How we work together
Once you have booked a plan, you will receive an email containing a consent form, 3-day food diary and health questionnaires. Please make sure to sign the consent form, fill out the food diary and health questionnaires and send all back to me before the date of your initial consultation. The same will be needed if you have chosen to conduct everything via email, however, more health questionnaires will be given to ensure we cover everything.

Initial Consultation:
Based on your preference, the initial consultation will either be conducted via email or web call of choice (Skype, Zoom or Teams). A link or username will then be sent to you via email prior to the consultation.
The goal of the initial consultation is to gather information from you regarding your past and current health, lifestyle and eating habits. This is important to make the plan personalised to you so that it is easy for you to integrate the plan into your life.
Following the initial consultation, you will receive a PDF document containing your exciting nutrition plan explaining all the changes in detail.
Your progress over the duration of the plan will be monitored through weekly communication either via email or Whatsapp. If testing is needed to monitor your progress this option will be given. If testing is required, this will be discussed during the initial consultation.

How the journey works:

As with all new training a thorough audit needs to take place to see what imbalances in your diet may be causing you issues or you to not reach your goal, whether that is better fueling for races / games or to lose weight. Therefore, a good understanding of your past and current health and diet is required before we start on your new journey.
Educate & Implement.
Once I have the right information, the journey can start! Through a personalised plan I will enable you to make the right food choices and have a better understanding of how these effect your health. My aim is to give you the right tools for your tool kit so you can grow your own knowledge and understanding.
Monitor and Support.
Personal training is all about creating a support network so you can succeed at your goals. My job is to take the thinking out so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle and reach your goals. Never feel like you are alone on this journey I will support you through email and whats app so you never feel alone as we work together towards your goals.