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Hello from Hannah, the founder of Beyond the Studio Pilates. Over the years I have been working on my own offering various online and community Pilates classes.

Since COVID the wonderful Jackie and Bridget have helped deliver a broad range of online Pilates classes.

Now the business is welcoming a new team member, as Tasha comes on board to help with community classes in Emsworth, Fishbourne and Southbourne. This means we can now offer more class options and flexibility for our members.

I am thrilled that Tasha has joined the BTS team and will bring a fresh wealth of experience to help our members discover their best bodies yet!

A little from Tasha:

Hello! My name is Tasha. Growing up on the Isle of Wight, ballet has been a constant in my life for many years. Now, I’m thrilled to be pursuing a degree in Musical Theatre at Chichester University, where I’m further exploring performance. A few years ago, my minor scoliosis presented a challenge, and Pilates came into my life. It not only strengthened my body but also beautifully complemented my ballet training. Now, I am excited to share my knowledge and passion, helping others discover the joy of movement and the transformative power of Pilates.