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As a runner, you know the importance of strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. But have you considered the benefits of Pilates?

My online Pilates course is designed specifically for runners to help you:

βœ… Improve core strength and stability for better running form

βœ… Increase flexibility to stride more efficiently

βœ… Enhance balance and proprioception to avoid injuries

βœ… Develop overall body conditioning for endurance

Pilates is the perfect cross-training complement to your running routine. Through a series of low-impact, controlled movements, you’ll build functional strength from the inside out.

Don’t just run – unlock your full potential as a stronger, more resilient runner with Pilates!

Click the link to join my online course today or comment β€˜running’ below for information straight to your DMs. Your body (and your PR) will thank you! πŸ… https://beyondthestudiopilates.co.uk/runners-pilates-course/

Join my Pilates classes online today pay as you go and subscription based options available.

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