one to one



The personal attention you get as well as the focus on health or injury issues can be incredibly helpful and beneficial to your Pilates practice and also performance in other areas of life.

Who can benefit from a one to one session? Really everyone can, Clients who have chronic pain, recovering from an injury or operation through to sports people. Women who are pregnant and into the postnatal period often find they need a personalised approach to help them move effectively as their body goes through rapid changes.

Everyone is motivated in different ways. Some people respond to being in a class – the social aspect of meeting the same people every week, exercising alongside people of the same ability as you. Others prefer a more personal approach, with the direct relationship with the instructor a key driver to turn up and make improvements. Some say that people who train in small groups are more likely to stick at exercise than those who are part of larger groups where they feel more anonymous, this is why I only teach Pilates in small groups. The smaller the group, the more accountable you feel. With one to one there is no hiding at the back you are my sole focus.

Whilst we are in lockdown I am running one to ones online virtually.

£25 for 45 minutes



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