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New mums should consider trying Pilates as it offers a gentle yet effective way to rebuild strength, improve posture, and enhance overall well-being after childbirth.

Pilates focuses on core stability, which is crucial for new mothers who often experience weakened abdominal muscles and pelvic floor issues post-pregnancy.

The low-impact nature of Pilates makes it an ideal exercise for easing back into physical activity without putting undue stress on the body.

Additionally, the mindful movements and controlled breathing techniques in Pilates can help reduce stress and promote mental clarity, providing much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation during the demanding early months of motherhood.

If you would like to find out about my bespoke one to one training for new Mums or join my online classes please contact me on hannah@beyondthestudiopilates.co.uk

Join my Pilates classes online today pay as you go and subscription based options available.

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