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Strength and conditioning class with Pilates principles

Stretch and Strengthen Southbourne

A class for those looking to improve muscle function and strength

Tuesday Time TBC

Strength and conditioning is a comprehensive approach to physical fitness and athletic performance. It involves training and exercises designed to improve an individual’s strength, power, endurance, and overall physical fitness.

As a corrective exercise specialist and Pilates instructor I will be using my expertise to create a holistic exercise class, combining myofascial release, resistance exercises, cardiovascular routines, flexibility training, and functional movements.

My aim is to enhance my clients physical capabilities, reduce the risk of injury, and optimize their performance so that they can feel stronger and more confident in their sporting activity and daily life.

Please note you will need to book online to attend these classes and there is a maximum of 10 spaces per class.

When you arrive please fill up the room from the front.

Please bring your own Mat and towel for under your head. Please do get in touch if you don’t have a mat and I can provide you with one. I will supply resistance bands, blocks and balls if we are using them but you are welcome to bring your own too!

There is plenty of parking at the back of the hall.

COST: £60 for six weeks

The address is: Southbourne Free Church, 21 The Drive, Southbourne, Emsworth PO10 8JP

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